The Airport Interchange and Airport Region Road Network project in Abu Dhabi comprises the construction of the interchange to the new airport terminal, including four viaduct bridges and ramps; construction of airport city entrance, including 2 bridges and ramps; and construction of secondary dual 3-lane road networks between Yas Island and the E-10, the new airport terminal and between interchange 6 and the E12.

Works also include the widening of the E-10 carriageway and widening of the residential flight road from dual 2-lane to dual 3-lane, as well as modifying the presidential flight road access to the E-10.

BIC Contracting LLC (previously known as HLG Contracting LLC), will also extend the northbound on-slip ramp of interchange 5, including the construction of a new over bridge.

A drainage pumping station, and associated drainage network for the E-10 and E-12 interchange will also be delivered, as well as drainage, street lighting and intelligent traffic system works.