The project comprised enabling works and construction of Capital Gate.

The scope of work also included the relocation of existing services which run through the site, and the excavation, shoring and dewatering of the basement.

Designed to be 160 metres high with 35 floors of varying sizes, the tower consists of a basement level, a ground floor, a mezzanine level, 16 levels of office suites and 16 levels of hotel accommodation, covering a total built-up area of 50,000 square metres.

The structure has 722 steel dia-grids, with the smallest weighing five tonnes, and the largest weighing close to 16 tonnes. The total weight of the steel structure is estimated at 13,000 tonnes.

The tower tilts at a record 18 degrees westward. This is made possible by the unique base of the tower, which sits on a distribution of 490 piles that are drilled approximately 30 metres underground.

The project followed the demolition and construction of new exhibition halls for ADNEC, which included the design and erection of wide-span steel trusses.